Devlog #3: Progress Update

Hey! It's been a while.

The transition into lockdown disrupted us a little bit, however as of last week we're back working on Stratbook as full time as we can be with us both working regular 9-5 jobs.

We've done a lot of optimisation over the last couple of weeks. We've rewritten the authentication system, upgraded the frontend to a new version of Vue.js, meaning sizable performance increases across the board.

Shoobie's been making great progress on the Nades Database, and we're hoping to be able to show you that sometime next week.

The editor has been rewritten a couple of times. Creating wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) style editors is quite difficult so we want to make sure we get this one right. Nothing out there right now is quite like what we need ours to be, so we're creating our own.

We'll be announcing details on how you can sign up for the closed alpha on November 30th, so make sure to join the discord in order to be the first to hear about it.

Stratbook UI Preview
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