Devlog #2: The Editor

Short one this week. We want to give you a quick sneak peek of some of the editor functionality.


Mentions let your teammates easily pick out which part of a strat involves them. You can mention people the exact same way you would on Twitter, with the @ sign.

This will let them easily refresh themselves on strats, without having to trawl through everyone else's role.


Insert nades into your strat so people can easily see their lineups, where to stand and how to throw them.

Images + Video

As you'd expect, we'll let you embed images and video into your strats to illustrate your points.

Map Drawings (Planned)

Sometimes you need to draw on the minimap to get your point across. Why not just type /draw and make a drawing right there in the editor? No need to make it on an external site.

This feature may not be in the initial alpha but will be out by Beta.

Got suggestions?

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