Devlog #1: Introductions and FAQ

Welcome to our first devlog. We're going to use this week to give some introductions and answer some basic questions to give you an idea of what this project will become.



index started this project in early 2019 after becoming dissatisfied with the tools available to store strats for the team he was playing in. He's been working on the project on the side for most of this time.

CSGO-wise, he's played in ESEA Main for a few seasons, and snagged a top 6 at epic.LAN.


A well-known name within the UK scene, shoobie has been an IGL for 4 years across multiple teams, placing high within UK LANs and reaching ESEA Main. He has developed his own templates and videos for team organisation in the past, so it only made sense to get him involved as he would be able to provide a leaders perspective when it came to the features being implemented within the app.


What are the core features of Stratbook?


Primarily, we want to provide you a quality platform for you to create your strats and allow you to easily communicate your ideas to your team. We don't want you to be stuck with messy Google Docs or notepad files for you to craft strategies. Writing documentation for anything is tedious as it is, without having to wrestle with software that wasn't designed for what you want.


Does this look familiar?

Do we have a game today?
Yeah at 7
But I said I'm out tonight ffs
No you didn't

Because it's familiar to us. Being able to have a calendar that we can mark absences, officials, practice time and more on is crucial to keeping a team running smoothly, and it stops questions like this clogging up your group chat.

Nade Database

Linked in very closely with the editor, the nade database will let you store all your grenades in an easily sortable format, letting you go through and learn your nades whenever you want. Stop relying on random unlisted YouTube videos that everyone will inevitably lose the link for.

The Future

We've got many more features on our roadmap, something we'll be providing more info on closer to release.

How much will it cost?

Currently, the pricing will look like this:


Aimed at most users
  • Access to all base features
  • 6 users
$30 per month +$5 per extra user.


Aimed at the professional level
  • Everything in the regular tier
  • Your own dedicated VPS to host your data
  • Early access to new features
  • Priority support via discord
  • 10 users
$150 per month

If you participate in the alpha, you will receive a discount for the first 6 months of release.

Who can see my strats?

Only your teammates. Don't worry!

What's the plan long-term?

We're in this for the long run. We're trying to make the tool we wanted when we were still actively competing. Any new features will be added because we think they're going to be useful. The words Demo and Vault spring to mind. Not sure why.

How do I get into the Alpha?

You can register your interest by joining the discord. We'll put a post in there when we open registration up. We'll likely be selecting alpha participants based on their team experience and achievements.

When is it coming out?

We're aiming for the 30th of November 2020. We are on track to reach this currently, however this may change.

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